Reference Library

Purchase this zip file containing all of your favorite reference clips. Includes Bonus Youth Girl references not available on youtube.

Endless Reference will become your source to study how the human body works. Pause clips to experiment with various poses, timing, weight shift, follow through and after motion. Establish timing structure and key framing with ease with our frame counter.

Zip file includes:
Walk Happy, Walk Long Stride, Walk Exhausted, Walk Drunk, Walk Limp, Walk Dazed, Step up, Jump, Push, Pull, Lift and carry, Handstand, Vault, Dive and Roll, Cartwheel, Kick, Knee, Punch. References are available in different body shapes and viewing angles. All viewing angles include Grid overlay, Realtime and Slow motion. Note: not all body types are available for each motion. Contact us to request a FULL list of library references