About Endless Reference

Endless Reference is more than just a resource - it's a catalyst to transform your animation skills. Our mission is to support animators in mastering the fundamental aspects of body mechanics animation through our comprehensive library of action references.

What We Offer

We provide an invaluable tool for animation students, graduates, and those new to the industry who aspire to elevate their body mechanics skills.
Our real-life action references offer insights into the dynamics of authentic movement, providing animators with the knowledge to create believable, lifelike characters and enhance the expressiveness and dynamism of their animations.

Our Innovation

At Endless Reference, we continually innovate to meet the needs of our users. We recently introduced pre-exported PNG image sequence downloads. This new feature allows you to place reference footage directly onto an image or video plane within your 3D software, eliminating the need for third-party software. Available in both 24fps and 30fps, these sequences are designed to save you valuable time and streamline your workflow.

Join Us

Whether you're just starting your journey in animation or looking to sharpen your skills, Endless Reference offers a platform to learn, grow, and create dynamic animations. Let us accompany you on your journey as you unleash your creativity and transform your animation skills.

Join the Endless Reference community today, and together, let's animate the future!